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Mice & Plush Cat Toys

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Mice and Plush Cat Toys

Get your favorite feline a new mouse cat toy, or a cat plush toy to help make playtime extra fun. Many cats will often enjoy the chance to embrace their feline instincts to chase or hunt. At Petco, we have a great selection of toy mice for cats that they can pursue as their “prey” while they play.

FAQs About Mice and Plush Cat Toys

Many cats have a strong prey drive. It can be good for cats to use their natural instincts during playtime, and a mouse cat toy may help them do that. Toy mice for cats can also be a great way for them to feel motivated, mentally stimulated, engaged with their pet parent and get in some exercise.

There are many different kinds of feline toys—from stuffed cat toys to mouse cat toys—as well as catnip toys, cat toy balls, teasers and wands and even interactive cat toys like laser pointers. And nothing can be cuter than watching your playful kitty roll around with their new favorite playmate. The best kind of toys for your cat will often vary based on your cat’s preferences and personality. It’s usually a good idea to have a collection of different styles of toys to spice things up and bring variety into their playtime.