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Medium Dog Beds

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Medium Dog Beds

At Petco, we know how important it is for your pup to get a good night’s rest. We have some of the best pet beds to help ensure your dog can easily drift off to dreamland. 

FAQs About Medium Dog Beds 

If your dog overheats easily, a fluffy dog bed or a medium covered dog bed may be too confining. An elevated or cooling bed may be a good option for them, as it allows them to stretch out a bit and promotes airflow.   

If you have an older dog with arthritis or stiff joints, a pet sofa may be optimal. Many pet sofas are a bit firmer and may be easier for your senior pup to get in and out of. Some models are even made with orthopedic microfiber for added support. If they need something a little more snuggly, you can always purchase a pet throw for the sofa. It adds even more cuteness to an already charming dog accessory.  

If your dog loves to burrow and always slips under the covers with you, super soft pet bedding and a medium fluffy dog bed may be the perfect fit for your cuddly canine. They clearly love snuggles, and a plush pet bed is like a warm hug. You also might want to consider a bolster dog bed with a raised lip or a  fluffy bed for dogs who suffer from anxiety. The enclosed space may make them feel more secure.  

Dogs just love to get dirty, don’t they? It’s an endearing—and sometimes frustrating—trait. Luckily, Petco has an array of medium washable dog beds. Many of our models have removable covers that slip right off. We also carry a variety designed to handle a complete wash—you just put the whole thing in the washer. These can also be great options for dogs who have the occasional accident.  

Sizes vary, so the best way to find the perfect fit is to measure your dog. You should measure them from the tip of the nose to the tail to get the length and shoulder to shoulder for the width. It’s always a good idea to size up and give your dog a little breathing room, so they can really sprawl. In fact, measuring them while they’re in their sleeping position can be the most accurate.

As a pet parent, you want your dog to get the best snooze possible. Our medium-sized dog beds are a great sleeping accessory.