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Martingale Dog Collars and Head Collars

If you’re currently training your dog, you may have heard of martingale collars or head collars. When used and fitted properly, these collars can help you train your pet’s behavior, and give yourself even more control on walks. As a pet parent, you know no two dogs are ever the same. Some dogs are quick to understand commands such as “heel,” “go” and “stop” on walks. But other dogs are more adept at wiggling loose from collars or pulling on their leash. Martingale dog collars and head collars can work to correct this behavior.

Exercise is an important part of every dog’s daily routine. And there are ways to train even our most stubborn or excitable walkers. Head collars and martingale collars can help make daily walks a more pleasurable experience—for both you as the pet parent, and your pup.

Choosing the right collar or harness for your dog can take a lot of consideration. If your dog is pulling on their leash, head collars gently pull your dog’s head towards you in order to focus their attention. And martingale collars tighten in order to prevent dogs from slipping free. Other options for you might consider include dog harnesses, personalized harnesses, and training collars.

FAQs about Martingale and Head Dog Collars

Martingale collars are training collars that consist of a large loop (for your dog’s head) and a smaller loop that tightens if they pull on their leash.

To use a martingale collar, you should first make sure it fits properly. Then, study the guide that comes with your collar to get the most out of the specific product you purchase.

Martingale collars should fit snug, but not too tight. Be sure to check the size of the collar before purchasing, and read instructions upon receiving it.

To use a dog head collar, make sure you have the right size and that it fits properly. You should always check the instructions that come with the specific product.

That depends on your dog and their needs. At Petco we have trusted brands such as PetSafe, Good2Go and more.

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