Marine Salt

Marine salts are available in both synthetic and natural varieties. All are specifically formulated with trace minerals and elements designed to support all marine life, many formulas have increased calcium and strontium for the demanding reef aquarium. Marine salts are designed to achieve ideal marine pH levels after proper mixing and fast rates of dissolving.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Salt

½ cup should be added per gallon of purified or dechlorinated tap water. To adjust salinity (specific gravity) while using a hydrometer or refractometer to measure, you will add more salt to increase and purified/dechlorinated water to decrease to the desired level.

This can be highly variable based on brand, temperature and mixing agitation levels. This process can take 30 minutes up to 24 hours depending on the specific situations. Best process to follow is to ensure the temperature and salinity (specific gravity) have stabilized to the desired levels for water changes and new aquarium setups.

No, adding marine salt directly to the aquarium can cause isolated shifts in salinity (specific gravity) and layer live rock, coral, live sand, etc... in salt residue that could be harmful to the aquarium life.