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Lovebird Toys

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Lovebird Toys

Lovebirds are interactive and inquisitive birds and need a variety of bird toys that can help provide mental stimulation and entertainment—while supporting their need to forage and chew. Lovebird toys, like ladders or play gyms, can encourage more active behavior and exercise to help keep your lovebird happy and healthy. Spend time daily with your lovebird socializing outside of its habitat. Providing toys with bells, links and rings can help keep your bird's mind occupied when they are in their habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovebird Toys

Lovebird toys come in a variety of options such as play gyms and ladders which may increase activity level, while others encourage foraging or interaction with a pet parent. Ensure the toys are of appropriate size and material for lovebirds to help prevent injury or premature destruction.

Toys are an important part of keeping a bird mentally and physically happy. They can encourage a healthy outlet for natural behaviors and promote activity, exercise and mental stimulation.

An assortment of toys is ideal to keep your lovebird entertained and happy. These should be rotated regularly to prevent boredom, but a minimum of 3 to 4 toys in their habitat is ideal. Remember to discard toys showing signs of wear that could cause injury.