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Lovebird Cages

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Lovebird Cages

Lovebird cages should provide your pet bird a safe and secure habitat. Always invest in the largest habitat possible with bars spaced no more than ⅜ inch apart to help prevent escape or injury. Flight cages are highly recommended for lovebirds to keep this active bird happy and exercised, especially if keeping a pair. Your lovebird should also spend time daily outside of their habitat socializing with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovebird Cages

It is always best to purchase the largest habitat possible for these active little birds, but the minimum requirement for a single lovebird is 18”W x 18”D x24”H with bars spaced no greater than ⅜ inches apart. Flight cages are another great option for lovebirds. A properly sized habitat should be large enough that the bird can spread its wings without touching the bars or accessories while still having plenty of room for playing, exercise, multiple perches and toys.

Lovebirds kept alone will be more likely to bond with a pet parent, but they must spend significant time together each day. Lovebirds can be kept in pairs if they are raised together but caution should be exercised if introducing adult lovebirds, as they tend to be territorial.

All perches for lovebirds should be ½ inch in diameter, however a variety of perch sizes is recommended to help exercise feet and prevent arthritis. Sand or concrete perches may even aid in keeping nails trimmed, but only one of these is needed to ensure the bottom of your lovebird's feet do not develop sores.