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Pet Lizards For Sale At Petco

Browse a wide selection of live pet lizards and warm up to one of these cold-blooded companions. These exotic looking reptiles make great pets for new and experienced parents alike, so you can easily find the right lizard to bring home. Browse online and shop in store for popular pet lizard species including bearded dragons, crested geckos, veiled chameleons, and more.

What You’ll Need for Your Pet Lizard

Like other scaly species, most of the lizards you’ll find for sale at Petco spend the majority of their lives in a terrarium. Pet lizards require a well-maintained tank for their health and wellness. Some of the pet lizards you find at Petco, like the bearded dragon or leopard gecko, will feel right at home in a 20 gallon habitat, though some may eventually require larger spaces as they grow. You’ll want to ensure your pet lizard has enough space in their tank for species-specific activity and exercise. Additional habitat items you will need include heating and lighting, substrate, basking platforms, and other decor. Remember, the supplies you’ll need will depend on the specific species of lizard you select. Be sure to discuss your lizard’s needs with a Petco sales partner online or in store.

FAQs About Pet Lizards

Each lizard species has their own unique requirements for care. You should consider these factors when deciding on the best lizard for you. Speak with a Petco partner to discuss your options.

That depends on your definition of “friendly”. Leopard Geckos are known for their unusually gentle dispositions, but don’t enjoy much handling. The Bearded Dragon, on the other hand, tolerates more frequent handling and human interaction.

Each lizard species has their own unique requirements for their habitats. Generally speaking, you’ll need a properly sized enclosure, heating element, substrate, decor, hideaways, and food and water accessories.

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