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Shop Live GloFish For Sale at Petco

Find the right fluorescent friend to bring home to your aquarium with the live GloFish for sale at Petco! Shop a variety of vivid and vibrant fish that are sure to be the centerpiece of any underwater environment. Keep reading to learn more about these unique pets and how they get their natural glow.

How do GloFish glow

GloFish have a natural bioluminescence that makes them a popular choice for new and experienced pet parents alike. Their glow comes from a series of fluorescent genes that have been adapted by medical researchers as biomarkers for a number of applications. They are not dyed, injected, or otherwise artificially altered.

For the last two decades, they’ve been utilized by scientists to detect water toxins and identify polluted waterways; their bodies would begin to fluoresce in the presence of harmful pollutants. Today, GloFish are bred to stay fluorescent at all times, shining their brightest under white, blue, and black light.

Types of GloFish

GloFish are part of the same freshwater family tree as barbs, danios, and tetras. There are 12 different lines available for purchase, each displaying a diverse range of lively colors—including Starfire Red, Moonrise Pink, Sunburst Orange, Electric Green, Cosmic Blue, and Galactic Purple.

Do GloFish make good pets?

They absolutely do! GloFish are an especially great first pet for children and families. Their inherent glow naturally draws attention to their aquarium and promotes the environmental benefits they bring. Their hardy background also helps make these aquatic pets relatively easy to care for.

They love to swim and play with additional GloFish and other freshwater fish, which can be both fun and relaxing for their human parents to watch. As schooling fish, they prefer to be kept in groups of at least 5 others to stay active and alert. Check our Petco’s compatibility chart before adding other freshwater pets to their tank to ensure they’re a match.

With adult supervision, GloFish are ideal candidates to teach children the responsibilities of being a pet parent. Under proper care, your fluorescent friend has an average life span of up to 3 years.

When you’re ready to pick up a live GloFish of your own, shop online at Petco for next day delivery!