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Buying Live Fish Online from Petco

Petco is your online fish shop for buying live freshwater and saltwater fish to fill your aquarium. We offer a variety of live pet fish to complete indoor aquariums and outdoor ponds in addition to a host of colorful invertebrates – including crabs, shrimp, snails and more. Petco has the tools and tips you need to properly set up and establish your new or existing fish habitat.

FAQs About Live Fish

The best fish stores, like Petco, take proper safety measures to help ensure the health and safety of the live fish they sell. Petco also stocks all the fish supplies you’ll need to care for your fish.

Yes, many of our stores have an aquatics department. You can also shop for live fish and invertebrates on Check your local Petco store page listing for information about their aquatics department.

Yes, Petco ships live fish and invertebrates sold online with next-day shipping.

If the retailer practices safe shipping methods, it is safe to buy fish online and have them delivered to you. Petco takes the proper safety and shipping measures to ensure that live fish and invertebrates arrive safely at their destination.

Live fish are shipped in specialized shipping containers, boxes or bags. Petco ships via next-day shipping, unless Saturday delivery is selected at checkout for an additional $12.50 fee.

Yes, within 30 days of delivery. Petco takes the proper measures to ensure that the live Fish you order arrive safely and in healthy condition. See our Live Fish guarantee. If you experience a loss of your marine fish, freshwater fish or invertebrates within 30 days of delivery contact Customer Relations at 877-738-6742.