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Live Crickets for Sale at Petco

Here’s the thing about being a pet parent for lizards and snakes: part of providing a nourishing habitat for your pet is providing them live food. Crickets contain vitamins and minerals your reptile needs in their diet. While freeze-dried crickets may be easier to keep than live crickets, you might find that your pet reptile prefers the kind that jump around. In that case, check out Petco's selection of live feeder crickets to ensure your reptilian friend has a healthy meal that also engages their natural instincts and behaviors.

How to Buy and Care for Live Crickets

  1. Research the variety of cricket your pet needs. Petco has a full range of crickets for sale, ranging from adult to pinhead. But you should only house crickets of the same size together.
  2. Also research the amount of live crickets your pet should typically consume. This way you won’t buy too few or too many at once.
  3. Create a healthy habitat for your feeder crickets—the right environment will depend on their species. Cricket containers can be made of plastic or glass with a ventilated, tight fitting lid. The lid is crucial, as you don’t want them escaping into your home. You can put egg cartons in their habitat to provide them with hiding places.
  4. Make sure their habitat includes the two temperature zones they require (95°F for the warm end/basking area and 78-88°F for the cool end).
  5. You’ll need to provide the crickets their own supply of food and water. Keep them alive and well-fed for the benefit of your pet!

At Petco we have everything you need to care for both crickets and your pet reptile. Shop a vast range of care supplies and live crickets for sale to make sure your pet has a readily-available and gut-loaded food supply. You can also supplement your pet’s food with complete food blocks and powders. Be sure to set up your reptile’s habitat with everything else they need, from decor and bedding substrate to heating and lighting.

FAQs about Live Crickets & Roaches

Yes we do! We sell live crickets, roaches, flies and worms to meet your pet’s dietary requirements.

A cricket’s average life span is up to 8 weeks.

Some varieties of pet amphibians and reptiles eat live crickets.

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