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Reptile Habitat Light Fixtures & Hoods

Since reptiles can’t regulate their own body heat, your cold-blooded pet will depend on you to make their environment warm. This includes installing proper lighting and heating lamps in their habitat.

You might be wondering where to position these lights in their habitat. We recommend researching your particular pet’s basking behavior. In other words, how long would your reptile normally spend in the sun when in the wild? Different reptiles will require different positioning, filtration and duration of lights in their habitats. Learn more about choosing the right heat lamp for your reptile with this helpful guide.

At Petco, we carry a wide range of heating and lighting, habitat hoods, lighting kits, and thermostats for your reptile’s home. As a pet parent, you should familiarize yourself with the different levels of light and heat required by your bearded dragon, python, chameleon, gecko, or preferred reptile species. Artificial ultraviolet lights are used to emulate the psychological and physical benefits reptiles would receive from the sun, and special night lights can provide just enough heat to keep your reptile buddy warm without disturbing their natural sleep cycle. Our bulbs come in all different heat levels for the various needs of reptile breeds.

FAQs about Reptile Habitat Light Fixtures & Hoods

UVB stands for ultraviolet B light. Reptiles in the wild get this from the sun, so you’ll need to recreate this in their habitat with a UVB emitting light.

In order to maintain their health, most reptiles require vitamin D3. Whereas lizards, turtles and frogs in the wild get D3 from UV rays from the sun, our pets can get it from UVB emitting lights in their habitats.

Most reptiles—except nocturnal ones—require UVB lighting in their habitats.

The D3 received from UVB-emitting bulbs ensures reptiles get the proper amount of calcium. Reptiles with a calcium deficiency can have many health problems, such as soft bones, fractures and metabolic bone disease.

At Petco we carry a wide range of UVB lights for reptile habitats. Make sure you check the product’s specific installation instructions.

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