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Leopard Gecko Decor & Hideaways

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Leopard Gecko Décor

Leopard geckos or “leos” can make a great pet for first-time pet parents as well as reptile enthusiasts of all kinds. They are considered relatively easy to care for pets, and pet parents will need to prepare a suitable enclosure for their leos. See Petco’s wide selection of leopard gecko cages, tanks and terrariums. And every leopard gecko enclosure needs to include leopard gecko décor.

FAQS About Leopard Gecko Décor

When it comes to specific leopard gecko hides for their habitat, leopard geckos aren’t picky. They appreciate rocks, plants and even pieces of wood to hide behind or under. In most cases, it comes down to the look and characteristics you want to give the habitat. Many pet parents choose rocks and plants that mimic a leopard gecko’s natural desert habitat. It is important to include at least one gecko hide that includes a moist substrate—either moss or a moist paper towel—where your pet can shed more easily. Learn more important tips on caring for your gecko pet with Petco’s care guide for leopard geckos.

Since leopard geckos are coldblooded, they will need a little help in keeping themselves warm. Most leopard gecko pet parents include a basking lamp as part of their tank setup, and many also choose to add heat mats. While you don’t necessarily need a cold hide as part of your leopard gecko cage décor, it can be a nice addition. Many pet guardians design their reptile’s tank to include a warm side with the basking lamp and heating mats and a cold side that doesn’t include these features. If your gecko gets a little warm, they can mosey over to the cold side of the tank to cool off. In this case, it’s a good idea to include at least one hide in the cold side of the tank where your leo can relax while cooling down.

There is no hard and fast number of gecko hides you need for your tank. However, there are a few useful rules of thumb to consider. First, you should absolutely include hides in your tank so your gecko has a place where they feel safe and secure. Next, you also need at least one hide that includes a moist substrate, such as wet moss or a moist paper towel, so your leopard gecko can more easily shed their skin. The more leos you have, the more hides you should include in the tank so that all your pets have their own unique places to go. Finally, consider the size of your tank and the look you want to create. Placing leopard gecko caves, rocks, plants and other types of décor can increase the visual harmony of your habitat and make it more pleasant to watch your leos go about their lives. You can find all the supplies you need to care for your pet at Petco’s leopard gecko shop.