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LED Aquarium Lighting

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LED Aquarium Lighting

Whether your aquarium is saltwater or freshwater, whether you stock only fish or have aquatic plants, too, Petco has the LED fish tank lights you need for both illumination and to nourish a flourishing aquatic ecosystem.

FAQs About LED Aquarium Lighting

No. Fish can thrive under a variety of light types and sources, but LED lights can definitely make viewing the fish in your aquarium easier and more enjoyable for you.

LED aquarium lights come in a variety of styles, intensities and even colors. The best choice for you depends on how much light your tank residents require to thrive, as well as your personal preferences. For example, if your aquarium has living plants that require a lot of light, you might consider a higher-intensity LED or a system that you can schedule or control through an app.

No. We recommend using a timer to replicate the natural cycle of day and night that’s healthiest for your fish and plant life.