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Large Breed Puppy Food

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Puppy Food 

One day, your large-breed puppy will transform into a big, beautiful adult dog. In order to get there, your pup will benefit from large breed puppy food designed for their unique nutritional needs. Large puppy food is specially formulated to help large breed puppies grow at a steady rate that will lower their risk of bone and joint issues in the future.

FAQs About Large Breed Puppy Food 

If your puppy is a large breed puppy, then your pet needs large breed puppy dog food. Not sure if you’ve got a large breed on your hands? Most breeders consider adult dogs over 50 lbs. and at least 24-inches tall to be a large breed. If you’ve got a purebred, then it should be relatively easy to look up the average height and weight of an adult male or female. However, if you have a mixed breed, consult your veterinarian for help determining your puppy’s eventual size and weight. They can then guide you on choosing the right puppy and dog food for each stage.

This is a great question because one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to large breed puppies. A general rule of thumb is to feed puppy food to dogs until they reach maturity. Many dogs reach adulthood at about 12 months, but this isn’t always true for large breed dogs. Large breed dogs tend to mature more slowly than smaller dog breeds. In fact, it may take them up to 24 months to reach full maturity. Your vet can help you estimate when your dog is reaching full maturity and when it’s time to switch from large puppy food to large breed adult food.

Does it really matter if you feed large dog puppy food to your large breed puppy? The answer is a resounding yes! Large breed puppies have a lot of growing to do. Growing too quickly can put a lot of pressure on their immature skeleton and increase their risk of painful bone and joint problems, like hip dysplasia.

The best dog food for large puppies is carefully calibrated with the right balance of calories, calcium and phosphorus to encourage measured growth that will lower a puppy’s risk of bone and joint problems in adulthood. Typically, large breed puppy food will have fewer calories and fat than food for mid-sized or smaller breeds. This helps moderate growth. Don’t worry—your pup will still reach their full, impressive size. That’s in their genes. However, with a top large breed puppy food, they will grow at a slower rate, allowing their skeleton to keep pace. The best dog food for large breed puppies promotes steady growth so your puppy can transition into a happy and strong big dog.