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Interactive & Electronic Cat Toys

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Interactive and Electronic Cat Toys

It’s no secret that cats often love to play. When their hunting instincts kick in, it’s common to see them stalk, swat, chase and pounce on anything they set their focus on. That’s why interactive cat toys can be important—they may help your cat let out some of their natural energy and help keep them agile. Electronic cat toys can help entertain your favorite feline when you’re away from home and let them interact at their leisure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive and Electronic Cat Toys

Many cats are curious by nature and need stimulation to help them stay happy and well-behaved. While they also often love to sleep and seek cozy spaces, cats require a certain level of entertainment that helps keep them from acting out or seeking attention in undesirable ways. Most cat toys are designed with this exact need in mind and offer help to cat parents searching for solutions. Kittens are especially playful, and specially designed kitten toys may help them expel some of that energy.

Most cats can entertain themselves with motorized cat toys, but toys that bring you into the action are important, too. Spend quality time with wand toys or a cat laser pointer and see how fast they can pounce and how high they might jump after their target.

One of the most-loved qualities of cats is their self-sufficiency, but that does not mean that they don’t need attention and stimulation. Your cat’s physical and mental well-being requires special care, and interactive cat toys can be a great way for you to take care of those needs.

Toys that allow them to react to stimuli like feathers, ribbons and other materials to chase help to give them the sense of the hunt—satisfying their instinct. Interactive cat games like puzzles keep their curious side engaged and help with mental stimulation. Chaser toys that include scratch pads might solve two needs in one, entertaining your pet while helping to save your furniture.

Cats sleep a good portion of the day, but they do need exercise to stay healthy. About 30-minutes of moderate exercise is considered adequate. While outdoor cats may come across this exercise more naturally, indoor cat toys can help initiate activity for cats that stay in. However, they do not need to get 30-minutes of exercise in one go, so introduce playtime in intervals throughout the day.

The benefits of exercise include helping to keep them fit, increasing their mental well-being and improving your relationship and bond. Dusk and dawn are most cats’ active hours, so set your play schedule accordingly.