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Horse Grooming

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Horse Grooming Supplies

Grooming is an essential part of horse care and a key component of horse health and wellness. Having efficient horse grooming tools is a must to make it an effective and thorough experience.  

FAQs About Horse Grooming

Here are some essential horse grooming equipment items to help keep your equine friend well-maintained:

  • Curry Comb Rubber curry combs can help loosen dirt from your horse’s coat. Grooming gloves can also be used.
  • Hoof Pick Using a hoof pick is one of the most important parts of the grooming process and vital to help prevent injury in your pony. You should clean your horse’s hooves daily and again before and after rides.
  • Stiff Brush Also known as a dandy brush, this tool helps sweep away debris that was brought up from the curry comb. Start with a horse brush that isn’t super coarse until you find out what your pet will tolerate and what works best for your horse’s level of dirt accumulation.
  • Soft horse grooming brush Also known as a finishing brush, this helps leave your pony’s coat shiny.
  • Mane and tail brush Great for detangling any knots or snarls and to help keep their hair manageable.
  • Sponges Can be used to clean any areas that are too sensitive for brushing and are great for bath time after sweaty workouts.
  • These basic horse grooming tools can be a great starter kit for beginners. Depending on how often you ride and the level of responsibility you have when caring for your horse, you may also need horse shampoos, conditioners, polish, clippers and scissors.

    Here are some first steps to follow:

  • Always secure your horse Even if your horse is normally relaxed, always secure your horse with a halter and lead or rope. A quick-release knot is recommended.
  • Clean your horse’s hooves Use the hoof pick to gently remove dirt and rocks. It’s suggested to start at the heel and work your way forward through the hoof. Be gentle when cleaning the frog—the sensitive V-shaped area—to help avoid injury. Visually inspect their hooves to help make sure they are in good shape and free of lacerations or infection.
  • Curry your horse Brush your horse gently with the curry comb in a circular motion. Start at the neck. Avoid the head, legs and spine.
  • Use the dandy brush Make sure to avoid sensitive areas and use sweeping motions to help brush all the dirt away from your horse’s body.
  • Polish coat with soft brush This brush helps to make your horse shine. It may also be their favorite step because they get lots of pets. You can finish the brushing regimen with the mane and tail brush to help make them neat and tangle-free.
  • Use a damp sponge to wipe down sensitive areas Use the sponge to gently wipe around their face, muzzle and eyes. Visually inspect your horse for any signs of swelling or infection. Then, grab a clean sponge to wipe the area around the horse's tail.
  • Grooming your horse every day is ideal. Daily grooming ensures your horse is well-maintained, and it also helps alert you to any health problems they may be having when they occur. Regular horse grooming is also a wonderful way to bond with your pet and deepen their trust.