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Horse Care

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Horse Health and Wellness

Horses can be wonderfully expressive, communicating happiness, hesitation, fear and excitement through their ears, tails and movements. While it can be more challenging for horses to give us subtle details about their health and wellness—for instance, whether they have a stomach cramp or a headache—you can discern much about horse health by knowing what signs to look for that may indicate issues. By providing your horse with preventive care, a wholesome environment and horse health solutions like those found in Petco’s horse pharmacy, you’ll be doing your part to help boost your horse’s wellness.

FAQs About Horse Health and Wellness

When the health of a horse is tended to with care, horses can have a longer lifespan compared to pets like cats and dogs. A well-taken care of horse typically means a happier horse, and taking steps to boost your horse’s immune system helps ensure that their quality of life is as good as it can be. Some innovative horse health products and practices to increase your horse’s immunity include:

  • Nutritious diet A wholesome diet is one of the foundations of horse health. A nutrition plan that takes into account your horse’s age, activity level and overall health condition will help provide the nutrients your horse’s immune system needs to stay strong.
  • Supplements Dietary supplements such as probiotics, vitamins and minerals are excellent equine health products for improving your horse’s well-being. Depending on your horse’s age and activities, they may require different horse care products and supplements at various times in their life. Consult your equine veterinarian if you need guidance on what your horse may need.
  • Reducing infection & inflammation If your horse has an ongoing immune condition—such as allergies or eczema—it should be addressed and treated so that your horse doesn’t remain at risk for inflammation or infection. Your vet may prescribe treatments such as horse allergy medicine or other horse health solutions to address specific immunity-compromising issues your horse experiences.
  • Preventive measures are the easiest way to keep your horse in good physical condition. Some good practices for routine upkeep of your horse’s health can include the following:

  • Vaccination Make sure your horse is up to date on all recommended horse vaccines.
  • Stress reduction Horse health problems can arise when a horse is under stressful conditions, such as living in cramped quarters or receiving insufficient social interaction. Horses frequently manifest stress as physical ailments.
  • Veterinary visits Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from an annual physical exam. Horses should have a yearly visit with your equine veterinarian to ensure their continued well-being.
  • Of course, feeling under the weather on occasion is still a likely occurrence for many equines. If your horse becomes sick, consult your vet about possible solutions and browse Petco’s horse care solutions for horse antibiotics, horse pain relief medication and other treatments to help your equine companion feel better again.

    Maintaining a good relationship with your horse can help you more easily detect unusual behavior and possible issues with your horse’s health. For instance, you’ll likely be able to notice if your horse has a change in appetite, energy or mood. Proper horse care equipment – like grooming, hoof care, and ear cleaning supplies – can also ensure that you’re spending quality time tending to your horse’s hygiene. Of course, an annual visit with your equine veterinarian can be a great way to make sure your horse doesn’t fall ill.