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Travel Crates & Carriers

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Travel Crates and Carriers

Holidays are a time for being with the ones you love, so leaving a four-legged family member behind when you travel may not feel right. With Petco’s pet carriers and crates, you don’t have to choose between holiday travel and spending special time with your pets. The right pet crate lets you bring the whole family along for some holiday cheer. Whether you need an airline-approved pet carrier for a flight or car travel accessories like travel bowls and waste bags, Petco has the right items to make your pet’s holiday travels as comfortable as yours.

FAQs About Holiday Travel Crates and Carriers

Dogs can—and, in many cases, should—travel in a crate, especially if you’re traveling by airplane. A crate can give your dog a cozy and secure space in what could be a turbulent and unfamiliar environment, whether you’re on the road or in the air. If your dog tends to get nervous and bolt when anxious, a pet crate is a crucial tool for making sure they stay safe. You can minimize your pet’s stress while away from home with calming aids and by putting a familiar toy or bedding that smells like home inside your dog’s pet kennel.

The key to keeping your dog safe and comfortable while traveling is selecting a pet carrier of the correct size. Measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and add 4-inches to determine how big a crate they need. The goal is to find a pet crate that’s big enough for your dog to stretch out and turn around without getting claustrophobic or stuck, but that’s small enough to be easily transported and to make your dog feel cozy. An overly large pet crate is not necessary. Just make sure your dog has comfortable bedding inside.

If you want your pet to ride in the airline cabin with you, they’ll need a pet carrier that is recognized as appropriate for airplane travel. An airline-approved pet carrier needs to be well ventilated to let your dog breathe freely and must be leakproof to withstand accidents and water bowl spills. The pet carrier will also need to fit under an airplane seat, so it should be a small pet carrier containing a small dog or cat.

If your pet is too big to safely fit in an aircraft cabin pet carrier and must travel in the cargo hold, make sure your pet crate is sturdy, durable and well ventilated. It should be large enough to let your pet turn around and lie down. Make sure it is leakproof and stocked with a water vessel and comfortable bedding. Each airline has its own specific rules for transporting animals, so check the requirements before traveling.

There is no universal size for airplane seats, so it’s not possible to definitively determine whether your pet carrier will fit under the seat on all airlines. However, a good rough guide is that a pet carrier should be about 17-inches long, 7.5-inches tall and 11-inches wide. If you’re using a soft-sided carrier as opposed to a hard-sided pet crate, you’ll have a little more wiggle room, as a soft carrier that slightly exceeds these dimensions can still be made to fit in the available space.