High protein dog food. Nutrition that helps fuel performance, increase energy and keep strong, active dogs at their peak.

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High Protein Dog Food

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High Protein Dog and Puppy Food

Proteins are important to dogs of all ages. They’re necessary for supporting growth, development, and the immune system. Protein requirements vary by the breed and life stage of your pet. Dogs with specific health conditions, such as those that are pregnant, nursing, or debilitated may also require more protein in their diet. At Petco you can find high protein dog food from top brands like Merrick, Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Purina Pro Plan, Instinct, Natural Balance, and more. Consult your veterinarian before adopting a high protein diet for your dog, especially if your furry companion has an existing health condition. Once you’ve decided on the right high protein food for your dog, sign up for Petco’s Repeat Delivery to get free shipping and exclusive savings.

FAQs about High Protein Dog Food

The amount of food to feed your puppy depends on their breed, size, age and expected weight when they're fully grown. We recommend reviewing the label on their puppy food, and discussing this with your veterinarian at your puppy's first check-up.

There are high protein dog foods made specifically for puppies. That said, you should consult your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate diet for your pet.