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Hermit Crab Heating & Lighting

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Hermit Crab Heating and Lighting

Hermit crabs can make great pets for many reasons, including their low-maintenance nature. However, they are sociable and active pets that require specific care, just like any other pet. Before you become the parent of one of these tiny crustaceans, you’ll need to set up a suitable hermit crab habitat before you invite them home. One of the most crucial parts of setting up an appropriate place for your crab to live is providing a heat lamp to stay warm and comfortable.

FAQs About Hermit Crab Heating and Lighting

Different species of hermit crabs require different amounts of heat. However, your hermit crab will most likely need to have a warm and damp environment. You’ll want to keep their home between 72- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit with about 75% humidity. We recommend using some sort of hygrometer to keep track of the humidity and a thermometer for the temperature.

Hermit crabs are nocturnal animals, so they will be most active when the sun sets for the day, which means your tiny crustacean will spend most of the day in hiding. However, you don’t want the habitat too lit up because too much light will decrease your crab’s activity.

A regular white light or full-spectrum lighting will suffice during the daytime but use a red light during the night. The red light won’t affect your hermit’s activity and rhythm.

The ideal home for your pet is in a glass terrarium or an aquarium with a screened lid. It should be big enough to fit three or four crabs with plenty of room to roam. Usually, a 10-gallon tank will do the job for up to three crabs. A wire cage is not recommended because they don’t provide the correct amount of humidity for hermit crabs to feel comfortable.

The tank or terrarium your shelled friend lives in should contain a few items for them to live happily and comfortably. Here are a few supplies you’ll need to provide an appropriate habitat:

  • Substrate Your pet will need sand or substrate to burrow into while they molt and change growth shells. You can also supplement the lining of the tank with other materials like crushed coral.
  • Heating and Lighting Keep your crab happy and comfortable by maintaining the proper temperatures. The terrarium should be kept between 72- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. And provide a light-dark cycle like 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark turning off fluorescent bulbs at nighttime or using special nighttime bulbs.