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hermit crab shells for sale | large & painted varieties

Come to Petco and find a selection of hermit crab shells that will give your amphibious family member a cozy place to retreat. You’ll find large and extra-large hermit crab shells for sale to choose from, including painted coverings. Petco also offers a range of accessories, instructions and care sheets you can use to pair your crab with the right shell for them.

These aquatic pets can grow anywhere from 2 to 6 inches over the course of their lives, and will need to replace their shells as soon as they outgrow them. Finding replacement hermit crab shells for sale is one of the most rewarding aspects of having one of these critters. Choose from a selection of large hermit crab shells for sale that provide plenty of coverage for your cute crustacean, giving them a safe place to hideaway whenever they feel stressed or threatened. You can even find painted hermit crab shells to bring home and add a touch of flair to your pet’s carapace. There are plenty of colorful hermit crab shells for sale to brighten up your pet’s environment.

Hermit crab shells can come in a variety styles and the designs are as limitless as your imagination. There are pre-painted shells that feature sporting motifs and others that weave a whimsical theme through your landscape. Petco also carries a variety of natural hermit crab shells that fully showcase all the beauty of their seascape locale.

Find the right sized hermit crab shell for your pet today at Petco.