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Heated Cat Beds

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Heated Cat Beds—Cat Heating Pads and Cat Warming Beds

Curling up means getting cozy, so providing a cat heating pad for your pet can be a great solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heated Cat Beds

Your cat’s comfort is a top priority, so a heated pet bed could possibly be a great solution for your pet when used correctly. However, it’s important to offer your cat a heated pet bed in a space where they have the option to leave if they’re not comfortable. Turning one on in a confined space or crate is not advised. Many cat warming beds are designed for their comfort and are made with a hard wrapping around the electrical cord to prevent chewing.

Cats love to be warm, so a cat bed with a heating pad can be a good solution. Other heaters like space heaters, fireplaces or stoves are potential fire hazards, and cats should never be left unattended with a space heater and should have limited exposure to irritants like fireplace smoke or wood-burning stoves.

The self-warming cat bed can be a warm little den for your feline friend to make its sanctuary. These cushiony cat warming beds can work using a special material that reflects back your cat’s body heat without the use of electricity. The first layer of the cat heating pad helps to insulate and capture heat. The second layer helps radiate the captured energy back to your cat.

Thermal pet beds contain a reflective insert or are made with materials that reflect your cat’s body heat back towards them, helping to keep your cat warm and cozy.