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The Best Hamster Toys For Exercising, Playing & Chewing

All the bells and whistles—or rather balls and wooden toys—you’ll need to fill your hamster’s home. The three must-have types of toys for your tiny friend are toys for playing, toys for exercising and toys for chewing. These will keep them happy and active throughout their companionship with you. As a pet parent, you’ll love to watch them play and live out their instincts in the comfort of their little homes. They like to have an accessorized space—just like you. Read on to find out how to fill their tiny habitats with fun and games.

Hamster Toys for Chewing

Your friendly little chewing-friend will love you forever if you supply them with all the wooden toys their heart desires. Chewing helps hamsters stay happy. They may prefer to live alone, but giving them an activity like chewing will stave off boredom. Chewing also helps them clean and trim their teeth. Hamsters need to work to keep their incisors from overgrowing, and these crunchy toys are a great way to do that.

Hamster Toys for Exercising

Hamsters love to—and should—get plenty of exercise on a daily basis. Their legs may be little, but they still need time and an opportunity to stretch them out. So, what are the best exercise toys for hamsters? An exercise ball is a favorite way to let them run about and explore your home securely. Or an exercise ball on a track will keep them in sight, while still out of their cage. Exercise balls also provide a great opportunity for you to clean your pet’s cage without disturbing them. Exercise wheels and saucers can work wonders for their daily exercise. As most wheels are in-cage toys, they give your hamster the opportunity to go for a run any time they’d like.

Hamster Toys for Playing

Why not branch out and get your hamster a wooden ladder to climb, a bridge to walk across, or a hanging swing? As curious creatures, the more toys you provide, the more new things they have to sniff, fun they get to have, and areas they get to explore.

The opportunities are endless to create a wonderful little world for your furry friend. It’s fun for the hamster and a joy for you to watch. Pet parents who are members of Petco’s Repeat Delivery program can have their hamster’s toys delivered right to their door with free shipping and extra savings on select orders.