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Hamster & Gerbil Leashes, Harnesses & Carriers

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Hamster Carriers And Accessories

Hamsters may be small in stature, but they require as much tenderness, love and care as possible. And having the proper supplies and accessories at the ready can help pet parents give them a happy and healthy life. Hamster cages and habitats are vital pieces of equipment to have before bringing home your little critter. And you’ll also want to invest in a hamster carrier or gerbil carrier to take your pet with you while traveling or when they’re up for a show-and-tell day at school. These hamster carriers allow you to bring your mini friend just about anywhere with you—road trips, walks around the neighborhood and beyond.

FAQs About the Best Hamster Carriers and Gerbil Carry Cases

Even though these furry creatures look similar, hamsters and gerbils are different. Hamsters have a more stout body with a short, stubby tail and stocky legs with wide feet. They tend to have a small waddle to their step when they walk.

Gerbils have a longer body with a pointed nose that makes them have a physical resemblance to rats.

Feeding your gerbil a proper diet with nutrient-rich food is a key element in raising a healthy pet. One of the better food options for your little friend is seed mixes. They are loose combinations of seeds, with small pellets mixed in and dried fruits and vegetables. However, it is important to know that most gerbils will pick out their favorite items and leave the rest of the food in their bowl. Them doing this can create a dietary imbalance if there are certain food items they consistently avoid. Because of these factors, seed mixes aren’t recommended to be the only food source for your animal.

Pellets and lab blocks are other great options because they present a nutritionally balanced diet option. Unlike loose mixture food options, your pet won’t be able to pick and choose what they eat. These blocks will ensure a complete and balanced diet with every nibble they take.

A hamster carrier is a great way to bring your little pet wherever they need to go. Whether that’s to the vet or with you for a stroll around the local park, they will keep your pet safe and sound. The best hamster carry bag has good ventilation, is made with an escape-proof design and is extremely sturdy. You’ll also want to find one with a pop-open lid on the top for easy access and one with a similar design to their cage. By keeping them in as familiar a setting as possible, it will help keep them calm. Another good tip for keeping them calm while traveling in their carrier is to put recognizable items in their travel carrier. Things like hamster chew toys and treats are good options.

No. Hamsters are very different from dogs, cats or even ferrets, and you should never use hamster leashes. And that also applies to gerbils—you should not use a gerbil leash. Although you may want to take your pet with you like your dog, a hamster should not be put in a hamster harness. And you should not use a gerbil harness leash for your gerbil pet either. They do not have a body type to support these devices and are also prey animals, meaning if they are outside, they could be exposed to many possible dangers. Instead, take your hamster or gerbil with you by choosing from our selection of hamster carrier cages and gerbil travel carriers.

No. Opt for a hamster travel carrier instead to take your little critter pet with you.