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Find some thrilling Halloween dog collar options for your pup at Petco. Show that your pup’s got a bone to pick with the undead by outfitting them in one of a variety skull dog collars, leashes, and other accessories. Pick the perfect fit for your pup so they can show they aren’t afraid of the dark with any style of Halloween dog collar.

The volume of Halloween dog collars and accessories on display this season is enough to fill a mausoleum. No matter how decked out you and your pup like to get on the day of masquerade , you’ll find enough Halloween dog collars on display to keep your hell hound howling at the moon with delight. Ensure your pup doesn’t get lost in the dead of night with a light-up LED dog collar and leash. Keep their paws warm and cozy on a cold evening out with matching spooktacular skull socks to complement their skull dog collar.

Why restrict your personal sense of gothic style to only the season of the witch? The amount of skull dog collars available to choose from will help your pup show off their Halloween spirit any time of the year. These Halloween dog collars and leashes are some sinfully stylish accessories that can add an extra edge to your pooch’s costume ensemble, or stand on their own as a trendy any-time option for showcasing your pup’s darker side. Remember that not all pups like the feeling of being wrapped up in a costume like a mutt mummy for extended periods of time. For these pickier pooches, a Halloween dog skull collar may be just the thing to scare up some style for the season.

Dig up a Halloween dog collar from Petco and complete your pup’s look.