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shop funny Halloween cat toys

Creep into Petco for a selection of Halloween cat toys that will get your fiendish feline ready to make things bump in the night. These fun and funny cat toys are also a great way for you both to bond, relax and enjoy a festive play session together.

Engage their natural predatory instincts by enticing them to chase after a funny batty ball cat toy. With its dangling feathers and jingling lattice ball, this Halloween cat toy will capture their attention looking after the day of the dead has ended. Watch as their ears perk up the second you squeeze a crazy crinkle ball toy. Toss this funny Halloween cat toy their way so they can also enjoy a treat on this most auspicious night.

Like other human holidays, Halloween can be an emotionally overwhelming time for many pets. All the loud sounds, strange smells, and creepy costumes can quickly overcome and stress out your feline friend, whether you’re both headed out for the night or staying in to welcome trick-or-treaters. A fun and funny Halloween cat toy may be just the distraction they need to focus their attention on something relaxing and enjoyable. Some Halloween cat toys even work as great accessories for Halloween cat costumes, so you can double the toil and trouble as you both prowl the night together. A plush pumpkin, crinkle ball, or jingle-jangle dangling batty funny cat toy can be just the ticket to ensure your pup enjoys the night as much as you do.

Pick up a frightfully fun Halloween cat toy for your pet from Petco.