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shop pet halloween costumes, wigs, and accessories

Petco has scared up the spookiest pet Halloween costumes this year so your four-legged friends can take the neighborhood by storm. These pet costumes, wigs, and other accessories will help ensure that your devil’s day festivities are a frightfully fun and comfortable time. There’s no reason pet parents should have all the dress up fun to themselves on Halloween – especially when they’re not the only ones who enjoy dressing up and performing tricks for treats!

Help pick out a comfy and creepy pet costume that best fits their style, so they can unleash their playful personality at spirited get-togethers. Choose from a variety of Halloween pet costume options that could fill an entire pet cemetery. Everything from spooky skull collars, to cutesy pet wigs and heroic Star Wars hoodies is on display and ripe for the reaping. The diverse line-up of pet Halloween costumes to pick from may leave you in the dark at first; bearing in mind their comfort level with apparel and accessories can help shine a light on the right pet costume for you and your pooch pal. Whether you’re looking for a full outfit ensemble, or just a quick pet wig to accentuate your furry friend’s natural good looks, you’ll find the right designs and styles to mix and match for your night out.

Parents who are looking to embellish their pet Halloween costumes with more accessories will also find more than enough options available to fill their goodie bags. Find the right skull and crossbones or ghostly bow tie, collar, or leash to help make the most of your night. Or pick up some exclusive themed toys as an extra special treat. Scarecrows, bats, spiders, and other dog and cat toy creeps are the perfect way to unwind after a night out in their Halloween pet costumes.

Find the right apparel, wigs, and other pet Halloween costumes and accessories at Petco, before the witching hour strikes.