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Shop Funny Halloween Dog Toys

Capture a Halloween dog toy they can sink their fangs into this holiday season at Petco. These festive and funny dog toys are a great way for you and your pup to enjoy the season together. Get your hell hound in the mood to ward off mischievous spirits with any of our multi-textured Halloween dog toys.

With items that include treat dispensing features, rope limbs, plush bodies, and glow-in-the-dark balls, there’s a funny Halloween dog toy option to give most any pup a scary good playtime. Choose from a wide selection of themed Halloween dog toy options for your pooch to chase after, including bats, scarecrows, skeletons, devils, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. There are even stick rope candy corn toys available for your pup to chew up; who says only pet parents should get all the candy on Halloween?

The holidays can be an overwhelming time for many pets, and Halloween is no different. All the loud noises, strange smells, and weird costumes can quickly overwhelm and stress out your pooch pal, whether you’re both headed out for the night or staying in to welcome trick-or-treaters. A fun and funny Halloween dog toy may be just the distraction they need to focus their attention on something relaxing and enjoyable. Many Halloween dog toys also work as great accessories for dog Halloween costumes, so you can bring a dose of double trouble as you prowl this thriller night together. A plush pumpkin, rope-legged spider, or glow-in-the-dark ghost funny dog toy can be just the ticket to ensure your pup enjoys the night as much as you do.

Pick up a frightfully fun Halloween dog toy for your pup from Petco.