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Guinea Pig Treats

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Guinea Pig Treats and Chews

Guinea pig pet parents know it’s true—these cuddly little rodents love to chew. In fact, guinea pigs spend time chewing every day. That’s because their teeth grow continually throughout their life, so chewing is a natural and healthy dental habit. While chewing is beneficial, it’s important for guinea pigs to only chew on the right things—for their own safety and to save their pet parents from stress. Petco’s guinea pig chews and guinea pig treats give your pet something appropriate and tasty to sink their teeth into.

FAQs About Guinea Pig Treats and Chews

The healthiest things for guinea pigs to eat include timothy hay, pellet food and fresh fruits and veggies. The greatest proportion of the guinea pig food your pet eats should be hay, with pellets and produce coming in second. Guinea pigs have different tastes, just like humans, so you’ll figure out your guinea pig’s favorite food as you get to know them. Just make sure to learn which foods are toxic to guinea pigs—such as onions and iceberg lettuce—and steer clear of those. You’ll find suitable and scrumptious guinea pig food and hay at Petco.

Your guinea pig will always want something to chew on—so make sure you provide them with appropriate guinea pig chews and treats. Guinea pig toys made of wood can also help keep your little rodent occupied and support their dental health. Guinea pig chew toys also protect your belongings from falling victim to your guinea pig’s gnawing instinct.

Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continually throughout their lifetime. Gnawing on things is an instinctual behavior that helps keep their teeth from growing too long. Because of this, it’s important for the little critters to have safe guinea pig chews available. Guinea pig chew sticks or wooden blocks provide a positive way for guinea pigs to indulge their natural chewing instinct and keep their teeth the proper length.

Providing guinea pig chew toys can also be a great way to support your guinea pig’s health, and you can check out Petco’s guinea pig health and wellness solutions for other essentials—from supplements to flea treatments.

Most of the time, your guinea pig will only nibble on you gently during playtime, saving the real gnawing for their guinea pig chew toys and guinea pig treats. Very rarely, your pet may chomp down harder than usual, especially if they’re feeling anxious. Even when this happens, these bites don’t tend to break the skin. If your guinea pig seems to be biting more than usual, check to see what could be causing anxiety. It may be that your guinea pig is physically uncomfortable, needs to relieve themselves or feels sick or threatened. Consult your veterinarian about the best next steps.

While some types of hamster food and other small animal food are safe for guinea pigs to eat, it’s best not to take chances. Hamsters and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs, and you don’t want to make your guinea pig unhealthy by feeding them small animal treats that could be nutritionally insufficient. The best food and best treats for guinea pigs are specifically designed for their needs, so stick with specially formulated guinea pig treats and food.