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Toys & Accessories for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are known for being friendly and social creatures, which means you’ll have a lot of fun playing together! In fact, they enjoy spending time outside of their cage every day. It’s important for pet parents to be ready with the right playtime supplies. Read on to learn all about guinea pig toys and tips for play both inside and out of the cage

Toys for inside the cage

Cardboard tubes and untreated wooden blocks are great options to include in your guinea pig’s habitat for solo play and chewing. You can also give plastic chew toys and treat balls a try which happen to be good for nail maintenance. Just be sure to select large stones and bricks that won’t get swallowed and ensure all toy materials are non-toxic.

Playtime outside of the cage

Whether you’re holding and petting your furry pal or letting them go for a good run, guinea pigs enjoy getting out and interacting with their pet parents on a regular basis. However, before you let your small pet loose, it’s important to create a secure space. This will give you added peace of mind knowing your guinea pig won’t run off or get into something that they shouldn’t.

As far as toys go, treat balls and plastic toys are good options for outside of the cage too. You can also set up tunnels and ramps for them to safely explore. For guinea pigs who like to keep things simple, a small playpen will do the trick. This will give your furry pal enough room to move and run but also keep them contained. Be sure to supervise them at all times to avoid any great escapes.

Staying social

Taking your guinea pig out for exercise and playtime is key when it comes to keeping them happy and healthy. Aim to give your furry friend a little time on the outside every day—or at least several times per week. Now that you have some playtime tips, it’s time to stock up on must-have accessories. Browse Petco to find guinea pig toys for your small pet’s next adventure!