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Carriers and Leashes for Guinea Pigs

Whether your furry pal is going on a trip, or simply being taken out for exercise, guinea pigs don’t always have to be in their cages. They may even leave their habitats multiple times per week! Many people opt to play with their guinea pigs in a secure area indoors. But what about exploring the great outdoors with your squeaky little friend or taking them on trips to the veterinarian? Read on to learn what to consider when shopping for guinea pig travel accessories.

What kind of carrier should I use?

There are many small pet carriers including plastic, fabric-covered, mesh, and wire. When deciding which is best for your guinea pig you’ll want a travel solution that is well-ventilated, chew-proof and has storage space for treats and water. No matter how long your guinea pig is outside of their cage, a carrier will help you keep track of your small pet giving you added peace of mind.

Can I walk my guinea pig on a leash outside

Under the right circumstances, you can absolutely head outside with your guinea pig. A leash is one accessory you can use to keep them close by. Before exploring the great outdoors, consult a veterinarian to learn special leash walking considerations for your furry pal. Here are a few other things to know before going outside:

  • Choose a day that’s not too hot and not too cold—anywhere between 50 and 60 degrees is ideal
  • Stay in the shade if possible
  • Keep leash walks around 10-15 minutes
  • Ensure grass hasn’t been treated with pesticides or any other type of chemical
  • Avoid pulling the leash too hard to keep your furry pal safe and comfortable
  • Keep an eye out for dangerous predators like foxes, hawks or coyotes

How do I fit my guinea pig for a leash and harness?

An adjustable harness and leash set is a good option when looking for a travel accessory that properly fits. Breathable designs with a stretchy bodice are also top features to consider. Avoid anything that is too loose or too tight and never use a dog or cat leash or harness since they are made for much larger frames.

For more questions talk to your pet’s veterinarian before taking your guinea pig on a walk inside or outside of your home. They’ll know best how to advise you on choosing the right option. If you need to travel with your guinea pig to run a few errands, a secure carrier is the way to go. Browse Petco today and find a travel solution that meets your furry pal’s needs!