Guinea Pig Cages & Habitats

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Guinea Pig Cages and Habitats

Give your pet a comfortable home with our guinea pig cages and habitats. Did you know guinea pigs thrive with a regular routine? Their daily play, feeding and sleeping time relies on a proper habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guinea Pig Cages and Habitats

The size of their cage depends on how many guinea pigs there are, and how big of a space you can provide. Consider that the smallest cage for one guinea pig should be at least 36"L x 30"W x 18"H.

You should put bedding, hideaway spaces, chew toys, fresh water and food in your guinea pig’s cage.. For more, check out Petco’s guide to caring for guinea pigs.

Yes, if they are the same sex and have been raised together. Otherwise, they will prefer a solo habitat.

The height of your guinea pig cage depends on the other dimensions of your cage, and how many guinea pigs you have. Consider that “popcorn” is a common behavior of guinea pigs, where they jump in the air when happy.