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Goldfish Supplies

While goldfish can make fun and relatively simple pets, pet parents need plenty of supplies to keep their aquatic pet thriving. A goldfish aquarium and food can be simple enough, but these hearty aquatic creatures can benefit from a wide range of solutions to help them achieve their average 10- to 15-year lifespan. Many goldfish don’t reach this age range due to inadequate habitats, improper feeding and lack of education concerning proper care. With the right goldfish care, you can help give your pet a good chance at living a long life.

FAQs About Goldfish Supplies

Goldfish care often involves more than just food and shelter—but the first necessity you’ll need before purchasing your pet is a goldfish bowl or aquarium. The size of your habitat typically influences how large your goldfish will grow—as long as one foot, and how long they will live—on average, about 10 to 15 years, but as long as 30 years. These fish can grow according to the size of their aquarium, which correlates to how much food they consume.

Goldfish food will also be a necessary supply for your fish. These aquatic pets mainly eat fish flakes or pellets and—as long as it’s food specifically for goldfish—different brands or varieties of flakes or pellets typically won’t make much of a difference. However, many pet goldfish enjoy a snack of bloodworms, tubifex worms or brine shrimp.

You’ll also need supplies to maintain the water quality in your goldfish bowl or aquarium, including water test kits and other essentials mentioned in the section below. At Petco, we also carry less common solutions for goldfish health and wellness like habitat dividers and antibacterial medications that you may find useful for your pet.

If you want your pet to grow as large as it’s able, a goldfish aquarium with plenty of extra room can be a good option. If you don’t have room to house a foot-long pet or worry about the added cost of food down the line, a goldfish bowl is probably a more suitable choice. Whichever option you choose, you will likely need to purchase a stand to support your pet’s habitat.

Despite the common image of a goldfish in a solitary bowl, your goldfish aquarium or bowl will also need proper filtration to maintain water quality. The size of the filter and the type of water treatment solutions you’ll need can depend on the size of your habitat and how many pet goldfish are living in the same enclosure. At Petco, we have many of the supplies you’ll need to keep your aquarium clean. Poor water quality can quickly lead to harmful toxins in the water, which can poison your fish.

Goldfish can also enjoy distractions and hiding places in their aquarium. Brightly colored or engaging décor can help mentally stimulate your goldfish. Plants can also look nice in your goldfish aquarium and add extra oxygen to the water. Plants and rocks or hollow logs provide a sense of security when your pet goldfish becomes wants a place to hide. They can even enjoy other goldfish to socialize with and keep them company.