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Goldfish Food

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Goldfish Food

Goldfish are a very rewarding addition to a large aquarium with tons of personality and should be rewarded with high-quality foods. They benefit from a varied, well-balanced diet of quality proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. Since goldfish will eat just about anything, one might settle for feeding their goldfish just any food they grab from the shelf, but high quality, goldfish specific flakes, granules or pellets are essential to maintaining their health.

FAQs About Goldfish Food

Goldfish are omnivores, eating most items provided to them, but their diet is important to a goldfish's health so ensure pellets, granules and flakes specific to goldfish are being offered.

Variety is appreciated... even by your goldfish! Therefore, feeding a mix of flake food, small granules and small pellets is ideal for smaller goldfish. As your goldfish grows they will require a larger amount of food, feeding a larger granule or pellet food will keep your goldfish happy and full.

Goldfish have a voracious appetite with a tendency to keep eating. So don't let your goldfish trick you into thinking they are hungry, to keep your goldfish healthy, you should feed only what they can consume within 1-2 minutes, once to twice daily.