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Goldfish Aquariums, Tanks & Kits

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Goldfish Aquariums, Tanks and Kits

When you think of Goldfish, you may think they only require a small little bowl and a pinch of food every now and then. But in order for your Goldfish to truly thrive, they need all the right equipment and supplies to give them a great life.

FAQs About Goldfish Aquariums

Goldfish require plenty of space. The bigger the glass aquarium tank, the better. You’ll need at least a 20-gallon long tank for two Goldfish.

However, since Goldfish can grow anywhere between 6-inches and 2-feet long, your pair may outgrow that size. It may be better to choose a larger tank size to begin with, such as a 40-gallon or 75-gallon aquarium tank. If you are trying to breed your Goldfish, a 40-gallon breeder tank may be appropriate to use at that period to help keep them in close proximity.

When setting up a new Goldfish tank, it is natural to have cloudy water after the first few days due to bacteria adjusting in the new habitat. Just make sure your filter is clean and running, and if cloudiness continues to be a problem in your freshwater aquarium fish’s new home, there are a few solutions you can try.

  • Algae-eating fish If the cloudiness has a greenish hue, it could be from an excess of algae in the water. Adding some algae-eating fish can help clear up the cloudiness—and as a bonus, they can be fun to watch.
  • Don’t go crazy in the food department Obviously, you want to provide your Goldies with plenty of food, but feeding them too much can contribute to a cloudy tank—both from the excess food dissolving and the fish excreting more waste. A good rule of thumb is to feed them only as much as they can eat in two to three minutes—once or twice a day.
  • Perform a 20% water change frequently Replacing a little bit of the water with fresh frequently can usually help clear up your Goldfish tank. Make sure you do 20% only—any more could potentially upset your fish.

As long as they’re in a big Goldfish aquarium of an appropriate size for them, your underwater pets can stay in a tank for their entire lifetime. With the proper care, you will sometimes need to remove your Goldfish from their tank during cleanings, so make sure you have all the proper supplies for your fish. Petco is here to help with all of your Goldfish health and wellness needs. Shop online or visit any of our neighborhood Petco Pet Care Centers.