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GloFish Plants & Decor

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GloFish Plants & Décor

Décor, accessories and plants are an important part of your aquarium for both aquatic life and pet parents. Not only do they add a unique and beautiful look to your aquarium, they also provide a place for your fish to hide and rest in. Décor and plants designed for GloFish are brightly colored and will fluoresce under black or blue lighting much like your fish. These accessories will complement the colors of your GloFish and add to a brightly colored, beautiful aquarium!

FAQs About GloFish Plants & Décor

Plants and décor provide places for your fish to hide and rest where they feel secure. In aquariums keeping more territorial species, they can also provide individual territories for fish to claim in the aquarium.

While normal aquarium accessories are just fine for your GloFish, decor designed for GloFish have unique bright colors that will glow under black/blue light and enhance the colors of your fish.