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GloFish 5-Packs

GloFish are genetically enhanced with bright, beautiful colors that make an attractive fish that will brighten up your home aquarium! GloFish come in several different species including danios, barbs, and tetras but all are active, schooling fish that will inhabit all areas of your aquarium. As these are schooling fish, a minimum of a 5 gallon aquarium is recommended, however starting with the largest aquarium possible is ideal to ease maintenance of water parameters as well as keep larger schools of fish.

FAQs About GloFish

GloFish can be paired with their non-glowing counterparts as long as they are compatible. GloFish come in a variety of species such as danios, barbs, or tetras, all of which are active, schooling fish. Barbs may be considered semi-aggressive whereas danios and tetras are generally peaceful community fish. Always research each species before adding them to your aquarium.

GloFish are not dyed and get their color from a natural fluorescence gene that was added to the fish. All GloFish are captive-bred and the fluorescent color comes with natural breeding.

GloFish can get up to 2" long, depending on their species.

A minimum of 5+ gallons is recommended, however the largest aquarium you can purchase is always ideal to provide plenty of space and stable water parameters.

GloFish do not require any special lighting beyond being provided a standard day/night cycle like regular fish, however their colors may appear brighter under blue/black lighting.