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Choosing the Best GloFish Tank and Accessories

GloFish are some of the most vibrant pets you can care for in your home aquarium. Find all the necessary items your GloFish needs at Petco—including tanks, food, lights, and other accessories—to keep them happy and healthy in their habitat. Whether you’re a new or experienced pet parent, we have a few tips to help you offer the best care for their fluorescent friend.

Before setting up a GloFish tank

Before introducing your pet to their new habitat, it’s important to ensure that their tank is set up for success. This should include adding a pound of gravel per gallon of their aquarium’s size, a dedicated heater to keep their water at the right temperature, and a thermometer to help you monitor the climate in their tank.

Many of the GloFish aquarium kits you’ll find at Petco include necessary supplies like filters and detachable lights. This only leaves the question of how big their tank should be. Because adult GloFish only grow to 2 inches in length, they don’t require as large a habitat as other freshwater pets. They are also schooling fish, who thrive most with other GloFish sharing their space. A 5-gallon tank is ideal for a school of 5 or more GloFish.

Other accessories to add to their tank

Besides the necessities listed above, what else can you add to your aquatic amigo’s aquarium? Plenty! All aquatic pets need a water conditioner to help monitor and maintain the quality of their habitat, and GloFish are no different. Conditioners work to remove chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals from their water while also providing a slime coat that helps reduce stress. In addition to conditioners, you’ll also find color booster formulas that help eliminate excess ammonia and nitrite and enhance their natural fluorescence. Plants and other decoration options also help keep them entertained and give them a place to rest and relax.

What other fish can live with GloFish?

GloFish welcome additional tank mates; in fact, they prefer sharing a tank with other fluorescent friends to being left alone in their environment. GloFish are also members of the same family as barbs, danios and tetras, and get along with most types of freshwater fish. Refer to Petco’s Petco’s compatibility chart when shopping for other aquatic pets to bring home.

What do GloFish eat?

You can help your pet live their best life with a hearty diet of pellets, flakes, and frozen or freeze-dried food. Experts suggest that pet parents mix up their fish’s diet to include meals that are high in carotenoids and beta carotene to help them keep their healthy glow. Petco carries special flake food options that are formulated to maximize their inherent brightness and provide optimal nutrition.

When you’re ready to pick up a GloFish tank, food and other accessories, shop at Petco for all your pet’s needs!