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Freshwater Swordtails for Sale

Swordtails are an active livebearer that does well in a community tank. These fish come in a variety of colors and patterns and males have a unique extended lower tail fin that looks like a sword. These fish do well in groups of 3 or more and with other peaceful fish in an aquarium of 20 gallons or larger. These hardy fish are adaptable and a great fish for beginning aquarists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Freshwater Swordtails

Swordtails get their name from the males who have an extended lower tail fin that looks like a sword coming from their tail. Females do not have this extension.

Swordtails are community fish that can be housed with other peaceful, community species. They can also be housed with other swordtails and do best in groups of three or more.

These active fish that do best in small groups should be housed in a 20 gallon or larger tank to be suitable for their adult size.