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Freshwater Sharks for Sale at Petco

Did you know that freshwater sharks aren’t sharks at all? The term “shark” is used as a catch-all for describing fish with a shark-like body. The sharks in freshwater aquariums are actually more related to catfish or carp than a hammerhead.

Freshwater sharks will certainly add a bit of character and activity to any tank. Some species of freshwater shark are labeled semi-aggressive to aggressive—so it’s important to research the personality and needs of each species before adding them to your tank community. For example, red-tails are much too territorial to live in harmony with other freshwater sharks, whereas balas are more social and thrive in schools of at least three of their own kind.

Petco has live freshwater sharks for sale as well as betta fish, guppies, cichlids, goldfish and other freshwater aquarium fish. In addition to checking for fish species compatibility, you should make sure you have an appropriate freshwater tank for the fish you want. Some freshwater sharks can grow to be over a foot long, so it’s important to consider tank size carefully. Water quality, filtration and temperature are also key to maintaining a healthy tank. Freshwater sharks require temperatures between 72-82°F. And be sure to feed your fish daily. Freshwater sharks are omnivores, so they will require specialty fish food to meet their nutritional needs.

FAQs about Freshwater Sharks

Yes, you can purchase freshwater sharks for your aquarium from Petco.

Some freshwater sharks are labeled as semi-aggressive, while others are more aggressive. Their level of aggression will determine how many of each species you should include in your tank, so it’s important to research the specific breed of freshwater shark you’d like for your community.

Nope! Freshwater aquarium sharks may share a similar long body type with the oceanic sharks you’re familiar with, but they are not related.

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