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Discus Fish For Sale

Discus make up for their shy personality with lots of bold coloring. These fish for sale can be delightful in the home aquarium for the experienced aquarist with a well-established aquarium. The peaceful discus does best in schools of its own species, and needs an aquarium that is a minimum of 50-gallons. Fill their aquarium with plenty of décor and plants to provide adequate hiding spaces for these fish. Discus are notoriously sensitive to poor water quality—routine water testing and changes are essential to ensure stable water quality which is critical for the health of these fish. Filters and heaters are also key to maintain proper conditions for your discus to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discus Fish For Sale

Due to their large adult size and sensitivity to water parameters, an aquarium of 50 gallons or larger is ideal for discus.

Discus do best being kept in schools with other discus—as they are likely to bully smaller fish or get bullied by other semi-aggressive fish. Discus' unique water parameter requirements also limit the list of compatible species.