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Brackish Fish

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Brackish Water Fish

A brackish water aquarium can be a great start for an aquarist looking to move away from a freshwater tank but not ready to take the plunge into a full marine aquarium. Brackish water fish are typically found in estuaries and mangrove swamps where rivers meet the sea, creating a habitat that is a mix of fresh and saltwater. The specific gravity found in a brackish environment tends to range between 1.005-1.015 There are numerous species of fish that flourish in this environment such as Monos, Scats and various Puffer species. Because of the mixture of seawater, these fish have adapted to a high pH level, between 7.8- 8.4 which will need to be maintained for the health of aquatic life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brackish water means that it contains an elevated level of salinity from freshwater but less than seawater.

There are numerous species that live in brackish environments when young, species such as Monos, Archers, Scats and various Puffer species.

The puffer fish is part of a large family consisting of numerous brackish species like, figure 8, spotted and fugu puffers to name a few.