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Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting

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Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting

Choosing the right aquarium light is a very important choice when setting up a fish tank. There are a wide variety of lighting options from T5, T8, and compact fluorescent, LED and metal halide. Determining what type of aquatic life you are going to care for will help selecting the right option. Color spectrums and intensity of your lighting will help create the underwater lighting experience needed for your tank to thrive. Additionally, certain lights can help control algae, promote plant and coral growth, and enhance the color of your aquatic life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting

Selecting the appropriate light will be based on the type of aquarium being set up. Based on your aquarium setup, you may need higher lighting intensities for items like planted tanks and coral reef aquariums.

Yes, full spectrum lights promote photosynthesis, which can help live freshwater plants grow, however supplements such as plant food, root tabs, fertilizer, etc., will further help your plants thrive.

As light is the biological clock for fish and other water dwelling animals, the average light cycle per day should not exceed 8-12 hours, coming on during the day and turning off at night.