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Perfect Pond Care with Efficient Pond Filters and Pond Pumps

You don't have to be a skilled pond hobbyist, garden landscaper, or aquarist to appreciate the elegance and charm of a garden or fish pond. When maintained regularly with the use of various pond supplies, such as pond liners, pond filters, water additives and clarifiers, your pond's beauty and serenity can be preserved. Being outdoors, your garden pond will be affected by fluctuations in the weather as well as other natural elements. Pond pumps and filters help to circulate the water, alleviating it from becoming stagnant, while filtering out dirt and debris. While you cannot control the sun or warm temperatures that lead to the growth of green algae, you can prevent the growth of green algae through the use of pond filters equipped with ultra-violet bulbs that kill algae, parasites and other bacteria that can harm the plants and fish within your pond. Preserve the elegance and beauty of your garden or fish pond, while maintaining good water quality through various pond liners, filters, media and durable pond pumps designed for efficient pond care.

Stagnant water not only invites the growth and formation of slimy-looking string algae and plankton algae, but also provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful parasites. Pond filters circulate pond water, preventing it from stagnancy, as well as help to keep your pond water clearer, cleaner and healthier for your plants and fish to thrive. Powered by energy-efficient pond pumps, there are fountain and waterfall pond filtration kits available that come complete with all of the items necessary for water circulation and filtration. For ponds that have underwater filtration, there are submersible flat box pond filters that can efficiently filter ponds up to 500 gallons.

For efficient biological filtration, there are bio-active pressure pond filters that utilize beneficial bacteria to convert ammonia into nitrates, leaving your pond with clean filtered water and a thin and highly active layer of bio-film. For the maintenance of filter and pump equipment, there is an assortment of parts, such as smooth and corrugated vinyl tubing, hose adapters and coupling components. While most pond pumps are energy-efficient and developed to work with various kinds of filters, it's important to use pumps that are oil-free and safe for aquatic life. Promote the health and vitality of your pond fish and plants while preserving the beauty of your pond with supplies developed especially for proper pond care.