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Aquarium Plant Substrates & Tools

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    Aquarium Plant Substrates & Tools

    Natural planted aquariums are not only beautiful to look at, but provide a number of benefits to your aquatic life. Help your plants flourish by utilizing plant specific substrates which provide trace elements and promote strong root growth. Tools such as forceps and curved scissors make pruning and planting your live plants a breeze.

    FAQs About Aquarium Plant Substrates & Tools

    While there are various substrates such as gravel and sand available, a substrate specifically for live plants can provide trace elements and promote strong root growth, helping your plants flourish!

    Live plants must have their roots covered to ensure secure placement within the tank, therefore, bury the plants into the substrate based on root depth (usually 1" recommended minimum). There are also plant weights that are water and fish friendly to help secure them in the tank.

    The recommended amount of substrate is 1 - 2 lbs per gallon of water, evenly dispersed across the bottom of your aquarium.