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Reef-safe wrasses are generally smaller and much more peaceful then their non-reef safe counterparts. While other wrasses are often known for moving rockwork and destructive behavior, reef-safe wrasses can be shy and spend a good amount of time hiding in live rock until they are well-acclimated. While these fish will generally not bother corals or anemones, they may pose a threat to worms, mollusks and crustaceans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrasse

No, many wrasses can be quite aggressive and destructive and should not be added to a reef tank, however some such as Fairy Wrasses, Yellow Coris Wrasse and the Six-lined Wrasse are more shy fish that can be added to a reef tank with caution.

Other non-aggressive species of fish such as clownfish, tangs and angelfish are suitable habitat mates for a reef-safe wrasse. These fish generally will not bother corals or anemones, but caution should be taken with mobile invertebrates.