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Triggerfish are a unique species of marine fish that get their name from their ability to spread their dorsal spine and second spine "trigger" to lock itself into a hole or crevice. These fish can make an entertaining pet for homes that can keep an aquarium large enough to be suitable for them with their curious and fearless personalities. Commonly referred to as "dog-like", triggerfish will often interact with their person through the glass once they have had time to acclimate to their home.

FAQs About Triggerfish

Most species of triggerfish can be aggressive and destructive, frequently moving around rockscape, so they are not recommended for the reef aquarium. They may also make a snack of any small fish or invertebrates.

Most species of triggerfish can grow quite large and need ample room to distinguish a set territory within their aquarium, so a minimum of 150 gallons is recommended.