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    Blennies come with big personalities and can make a great addition to a marine home aquarium. Blennies comprise a number of families. The two largest are Blenniidae with about 300 species and Clinidae with about 180. Blennies tend to be a very adaptable fish, thriving in many saltwater aquarium environments. They appreciate an aquarium that has plenty of rocks to perch on and caves and crevices to hide when threatened.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Blennies' diet will vary by species and range from carnivore, omnivore, herbivores and detritivores feeding a mixture of small crustaceans to algae.

    Most Blennies are bottom dwellers and tend to inhabit shallow waters from small tide pools to reefs but there are a few species that inhabit deeper waters. Fortunately, numerous blennies are now readily bred in captivity.

    There are many blennies that are considered reef safe but this will vary by individual species.