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Cichlids - African

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African Cichlids for Sale

African Cichlids belong to the diverse family of Cichlidae which consist of over 1,600 species. They have a vast array color patterns with some considered the most colorful freshwater fish. African Cichlids can range from 4-15 inches when reaching their adult size. They do not always play nicely with other species of fish and tend to have an aggressive to semi-aggressive demeanor. Because of African Cichlids territorial behavior ensures you are providing enough rocks and caves.

Frequently Asked Questions

African Cichlids reach an average of 4"-15" in length.

African Cichlids are from the Cichlidae family consisting of over 1,600 species, many found in the African lakes of Malawi and Tanganyika.

Common species of African cichlids can range from $5-$15 with more rare species costing $100 dollars or more.