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Gouramis for Sale

Gouramis are an impressive tropical fish that can be kept in a community tank with other peaceful fish. These fish have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe oxygen from the water's surface like a betta. A minimum of a 10 gallon aquarium is necessary for these fish, however size may vary greatly depending on species as some may reach up to 24" long and an appropriate sized aquarium is necessary.

FAQs About Gouramis

Although it is always best to go with the largest aquarium you can, 10 gallons would be the absolute minimum, however size will vary depending on the type of gourami. A gourami's maximum size may be anywhere between 2" - 24" depending on species, and a good rule of thumb is one inch of adult fish per gallon of water.

Gouramis are community fish, but best housed with same size or larger freshwater fish, especially peaceful bottom dwellers. Keeping mind, they may become aggressive towards the same species in smaller aquariums.

A well-balanced diet consists of a variety of pellets, flakes, freeze-dried and frozen food.